Saturday, January 26, 2013

Biblical Womanhood

From an excellent blog post on biblical womanhood:

‎(They) "have constructed an artificial realm of womanhood (i.e. home economics), and failed to dig deeper into the real unique things women offer. A man can iron, sew, cook, entertain just as well as a woman, so making women Masters of Home Economics pretends that this is a “woman’s realm” when in reality it’s a human realm. Further it actually robs men from the work (both satisfying and grueling) of caring for hearth and home. If a wife prefers to be the home economics master, well and good, but let’s not assume that this means she is

more feminine
more godly
more biblically feminine
more ezer.

She is not. Femininity, godliness and helper are more demanding than home economics. You can do home economics well, and still be unfeminine and ungodly (i.e. frigid or invulnerable or calculating or controlling or demanding et cetera)."

Good stuff. 

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