Friday, January 11, 2013

Egalitarian Marriage Rocks!

I love being married- to my best friend, Nathan, specifically. I love sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal at 10pm, laughing so hard milk runs out my nose. I love sleepy snuggles in between nighttime baby feedings. I love long philosophical, theological, or political discussions that go on for hours. I love cooking together, shopping together, and eating together. I love going on road trips together and all the lively conversation that ensues. I love being able to trust absolutely in the loyalty and constancy of my mate. I love parenting together. I love listening to my mate read aloud to wide-eyed little boys until they're falling asleep. I love playing music together and arranging songs together. I enjoy teaching my mate my areas of expertise, and I enjoy learning from him of his. I love being in church together, and working in ministry together. I love that I can't remember a day that hasn't included laughter, kisses and I love yous. I love how easily he makes me laugh. I love his kind, helpful love, his witty reparte, his jokes, his hugs. I love that I never have to go outside my marriage for some good, intelligent conversation and honest evaluation of ideas. I love that my husband knows me, understands me, and, well- gets me. Really, my marriage is one of most wonderful things in my life, and I am so thankful for it!

 I've heard people say, with skepticism in their voice, that our choice to live out an egalitarian marriage instead of the submission/headship model will stunt our personal and relational growth, or keep us from being all that we can be as a family. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth- the more we have moved into the "mutual submission" territory, the happier, freer, and more selfless our relationship has become. Vive la liberte!

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