Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Husband and I were talking about arguing and being willing to be proven wrong, and I have just this to say: I do not find my identity in having beliefs or "standards" that never change. I find my identity in searching for Truth, and in being willing to go where logic and reason and the Holy Spirit take me. Therefore, I am not emotionally invested in my beliefs being right, and if you can prove me wrong- bravo! Cheers! I'd rather change than be wrong. :) With one exception- I am very crystallized in my belief in the the deity of Christ and the Truth (actual or factual, literal or not- concept vs nuanced interpretation; whatever) and Inspiration of Scripture. I tend to get emotionally invested in those issues/discussions because I have a lot to lose; if I'm not right about those two most basic elements of my faith, my entire paradigm/worldview falls apart. Is this a fault, an inconsistency, or a logical and rational line to draw? I don't know. But it's where I'm at now. Here's what I think- if we view everything as the thing on which the faith hinges, then we are unable to examine, logically, biblically, and without bias, any doctrine, tenant of faith, or social issue. But if most issues really are not issues which must remain static if our faith is not to crumble into nothingness, then we can examine those issues honestly, and with a willingness to question, probe, and test. We can search, and enjoy the searching, because we have little to lose. We may not change- or we may. Finding Truth and growing closer to our Lord should always take precedence over being able to boast in our unchanging convictions, or on the other hand being able to side with a comfortable or popular position. Personally, I want my identity to be in my relationship to my Lord and in imitating Him, not in a particular belief, doctrine, or position. 

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